Property Management System

Facility management has soon become an effective way for most businesses to make certain high efficiency, effectiveness and employee satisfaction levels. Businesses operating inside large facilities can understand how crucial a role the management of facility plays in reducing the operational cost of the business. Keeping this important aspect, we have given shape to a comprehensive property management system that provides for all-encompassing property management capabilities for businesses operating in diverse branches of industries. Our property management system is a unique blend of several web-based management software programs and tools that proffer the client with a centralized sight of the facility, allied service systems and maintenance tasks happening all across property portfolios. In order to drive the maximum benefit, we have also integrated several analytics and report generation tools which can help the business create significant performance data indices to aid for better decision-making processes.

Unique attributes of Crayo Tech Property Management System

It is our constant endeavors to provide our clients with the best and all-inclusive property management systems. In realizing that vision of ours, we have incorporated the following characteristics into our system so that it brings exceptional value for the investments made by the clients.

  • Intelligently molded to produce, evaluate, and process work requests
  • Comprehensive asset management service
  • Disaster, health and safety management support
  • Reactive facility management capabilities
  • Comprehensively integrated system
  • Endowed with the ability to work order and data history tracking
  • Disaster management capabilities
  • Scheduled tracking and preventive approach towards facility management

Why Cray Tech’s Property Management System is the best

Unparalleled levels of experience: Over the years, we have catered to a range of copious requirements and specifications of organizations that offer diverse products and service propositions in different markets. Our close interactions with several businesses have endowed us with incredible insights into their operational requirements and necessities. These insights have become exceptionally useful when conceiving, designing and developing various attributes into our property management services.

Unique quality adherence systems and schemes: We are always on a quest to deliver the clients with the best quality systems and allied services at all instances. In order to ensure that our systems never fall short of the expectations of the clients, we have in place impeccable and uncompromising quality systems. These policies always help us guarantee that the industry standards are always met and complied with.

Scalable and affordable: We are a comprehensive technology solutions provider that wants to help all businesses irrespective of the scope and size of their operations. Keeping in this mind, our products and services are scalable as per your requirements making it a financial viable option at all levels. Our affordability has, along with our quality service deliverance, always played a crucial role in transforming us and our technology solutions to the most sought-after and preferred in the niche.

Round-the-clock customer support: Crayo Tech has always acknowledged the fact that we exist to meet the requirements of the clients at all times. This realization has driven us to establish an amicable wing of professional, knowledgeable and trained executives. The team offers all sorts of assistance the clients need with respect to the product capabilities, pricing policies and general sales enquiries. Under all circumstances, we are always happy to help our clients.


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