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Confident of your creative and technical skills and have the attitude to perform well in a challenging, dynamic and ever-evolving business set up? Drop your resume, right away. We will get back to you.


As a progressive technology-driven futuristic business, Crayo Tech creates and renders an exceptional professional environment and corporate culture which proffers a myriad of opportunities for all who work with us to grow professionally and personally.

Career Experience

At Crayo Tech, we create and mold a unique, exceptionally rewarding and constantly improving career experience at all levels.

Monthly Adventure

Crayo Tech not only about exemplary works, it is also equally fun. We ensure that our employees have all the opportunities to work hard and party even harder.

Constant Learning

We believe learning is a continuous process and it happens every day. As such, we create a constant environment where everyone can learn constantly.

Idea Sharing

As a collaborative work setting, we share ideas to each other in creative ways to ensure that all projects that we render are impeccably value-adding to the clients.

Supportive Environment

Our professional environment is a highly supportive and nurturing environment where everyone gives and takes supports to create a sense of help and belonging, something unique to us.

Grow Quicker

Crayo Tech also offers opportunities and possibilities aplenty for professionals that want to grow vertically to exceptional roles with the organization and even reach policy making roles.


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